Zimbabwe's genocide begins

Zimbabwe took a rather disturbing step towards a "Year Zero" today when the Zimbabwean government ordered the halting of aid work across the country by foreign non governmental organisations (NGOs). This effectively means that Mugabe's henchmen can feed only those that they want to feed whilst the rest of the country, and by that we mean those who support the MDC, will be left to starve.

So what Mugabe is doing is systematically starving to death thousands of the citizens of his country.

What will the world do whilst this happens ? Are we really going to sit back and watch thousands of people die ?

At least Vietnam invaded when Pol Pot did this in Cambodia. It appears, through lack of oil or raw materials that are of benefits to the West, and through the impotence of neighbouring Southern African countries, Zimbabweans will be allowed to starve.


Paul Pinfield said...

This is a tragedy unfolding before our eyes. How will we react?

Letters From A Tory said...

We haven't got enough troops to do anything about Mugabe - the next set of elections will be rigged and the world will be stuck with Mugabe again.

jailhouselawyer said...

It's being reported that Mugabe is no longer in charge and that he is but a mere puppet figure head, and that the military is now in charge.

Anonymous said...


Surely It was criminal of the Italians for even allowing that monster Mugabe into their country this week.
He simply shouldn't be allowed to swan around Europe willy nilly with his thugs.
And why on earth is he blaming Britain for all his problems.
Just like the Burmese junta, his people are an inconvenience.

I'll be glad to see the back of him in a couple of weeks when he loses the Election.
My only worry is that he will probably not accept the outcome of the results.
I think that going right back to Thatcher, Mugabe has been attacking Britain at every given opportunity.
This is I believe because Britain has been the main country to be on his case, and he knows it.
He simply makes my blood boil.
Good to see the Channel 4 Evening News (7.00pm) covering the goings on in Zimbabwe.

A shame that Africa's living Saint Mandela wont come out and scorn Zimbabwe's evil one. But then he doesn't want to tarnish his legacy.
And why are Africa's other leaders frightened of him. If only they would back a regime change then things might get back to a near normal future soon.

But shame on the Italians for letting him in.


Paul Pinfield said...

Time for the SAS it think. It might sound excessive, but with hindsight, would anyone now argue against assassinating Hitler?

John Hirst is correct to say that Mugabe is now a puppet. I suppose the good thing is that the army is sure to cause a mass uprising which will at last end this holocaust...