What's in a number - Why 42 ?

Personally I think it is because Gordon Brown loves the 1980's legends Level 42.
I'm not sure what his favourite single is. I suspect it's their 1983 hit "The Chinese Way". After all, the Chinese like to keep people locked up without trial too. Although, I suspect give the latest poll ratings Gordon's favourite single will be the 1987 single "It's Over".


Alan (from the iow (home of Level 42)) said...

Regardless of the result, he's still in "Hot Water"

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh very good. I missed that one.

Bill Quango MP said...

42 is the number of knives being sharpened.

Adam McNestrie said...

This pedants' hunt for the errant politician, driven by the media's love of expose, is destroying what little faith in our political class remains and, in doing so, poisoning the political realm. The disjuncture that now exists between the public perception of politicians as peculators, crooks, Soviet apparatchiks almost, and the banal reality of the cross-section of men and women in Parliament undermines very seriously the smooth functioning of the political system.

Undiscriminating cynicism and mistrust will be the result, and that can only hurt our political culture and do real harm to any ideology which relies on a positive conception of the state.

To read my ideas at greater length, link to my blog at:

Letters From A Tory said...

Maybe it's because he will only have 42 days left after losing the vote before he resigns or gets booted out?

jailhouselawyer said...

What's in a number? Quite a lot actually. According to Iain Dale, £3,000 per day for 42 days equals £42,000. According to John Hirst, who is almost totally innumerate, £3,000 per day for 42 days equals £126,000.

Send him to the back of the class!

Paul Pinfield said...

Votes counted. The DUP bailed them out. Our money used to buy this amendment. Surely buying votes is a criminal offence?