Something to make me smile (when I know I shouldn't have)

As I pulled in to the car park this morning at a village supermarket to get some milk and provisions, I was aware that the only space to park was next to a very expensive Porsche, with the roof down and the driver sat on his mobile phone, both he and his passenger wearing shades and looking "cool", but also a bit sort of "obvious", a little like they were flaunting it and wanted to be seen.

As I got out of the car I could hear the driver reading out phone numbers to his passenger that she was diligently copying down. "Sounded important", I thought, and in I went to get my provisions.

Well, for reasons that are far to boring to explain, I was in the shop for about 25 minutes. When I came out I could see the man was still on his phone and the tone of his voice was getting ever more desperate. As I walked slowly back, I fiddled with my keys to take a little longer and be able to hear more of the man's conversation.

"What do you mean you can't get one till Monday", he said. "I've tried everywhere. The only place that has one I need is in Suffolk and every other place is closed. I'm stuck in a car park miles from home and I can't drive anywhere. This is going to cost me a fortune", he added.

Then, I looked down and realised his back tire was flat, yes, he was phoning around trying to get some sort of specialist low profile sports car tyre and couldn't get one.

At that moment I was very pleased that I was in a Skoda with a spare tyre in the boot. I felt a bit like telling him he needed a more practical (perhaps more fuel efficient ?) car. As I drove off on my way I did smile. I know I shouldn't have done.


Paul Pinfield said...

Oh Nich, with these stories you do spoil us!

As a lowly Audi driver (with pretensions of owning a Porsche), I am grateful to Audi for their wheel repair kit...

Do you mean to tell me that when I upgrade, I will be stuck in the local supermarket car park every time I get a puncture?

Mr. Pendle said...

So the guy could afford a porsche but not £49 for AA yearly membership.

I'd have wound him up saying "sorry to bother you but do you know you've a flat tyre?"

The answer to all lifes problems is not always on the end of the annoying mobile phone.

Mr Pendle - Lib Dem Pendle

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes. I am amazed at how many people are not members of motring organisations.

Paul Pinfield said...

"Yes. I am amazed at how many people are not members of motring organisations."

Perhaps he had stolen the thing. Most high-end cars come free recovery.

I don't want to bang on about my TT, but...

Tom Paine said...

You're just another envy-driven Leveller....sigh. You do know how to double the value of your Skoda, don't you? Fill it with petrol.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, I remember those jokes, but then again that was the 1980's.

I remember jokes about Japanese cars in the 1970's too.

If I am being boring, check out the residuals on a Skoda and the place of Skoda in the JD Powers annual performance tables.

Anonymous said...

Of course a lot of these sports cars have private plates which means you cannot tell how old it is. THis means that the ownermight have had AA cover when the car was new, but the car was probably older than it looked.