The Showground Pub and Restaurant in Costessey Norwich - Call yourself a family pub ?

My wife went out with a group of other young mums, five adults, five children, to a pub on the outskirts of Norwich in Costessey to a place that advertises itself as a "Family Pub". Perhaps trading standards should be advised ?

Upon arrival, she says the staff were not exactly happy to see five people with toddlers turn up. The staff let it be known through their body language that they were less than impressed, the restaurant had only two baby seats (so they claimed), and let a number of the group leave to go outside and get their push-chairs to put the children without telling any of the group that they have booster seats (another diner told the group as they were leaving the place), their drinks did not arrive until the end of their first course, and on top of that they were asked to sit at an empty end of the restaurant (and according to my wife, the whole place was absolutely dead anyway), and whilst they were served the waiting staff kept making a fuss about "not being able to walk around the table because of the children in the buggies and in chairs".

Now I know that there are many people who would be happy to eat in a place that puts off families and children, but The Showground is no gastro-pub. It is one of these pubs that is on the same grounds as a Travel Lodge. Its serves bog standard stuff at a fairly reasonable price, but it is hardly the sort of place you would travel to for a romantic meal or a special treat or occasion. That is why the place appears to market itself as a "family pub".

Yes indeed, if my wife could heartily recommend an eating establishment as the least "child friendly" pub, then "The Showground", which can be ground next to a Travel Lodge and also next to the Royal Norfolk Showground, is likely to win.

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Anonymous said...

I last went to the Showground with a group of toddlers in August 2007. We all had a whale of a time, the staff were great, booster seats for all toddlers, great adventure playground. However....since the place was refitted in October 2007 the playground was demolished to extend the pub and when I took my toddler in last I was told they no longer had booster seats so had to wedge him in a high chair much to his disgust! In my opinion they are gearing towards the business/ travelling rep types that stay in the Travel Inn next door and are no longer family friendly.