Judas Rooney admits he lied

Wayne Rooney is, if the TV caricatures of him are to be believed, unlikely to be a member of MENSA or win any literary awards in the next few years, and his admission in court that he lied in his book when making allegations against his former manager, David Moyes, speaks volumes about the man.

Rooney alleged that David Moyes had leaked stories to the press about Rooney wanting to leave Everton and hinted that this was the catalyst for him moving from Everton. To me, as an Everton fan, this seemed like Rooney was trying to blame David Moyes for his exit whilst putting himself in the position of the victim. Everton fans, it appears, were supposed to read Wayne Rooney's account and say "Poor old Wayne". After all, Wayne Rooney famously wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase"Once a blue, always a blue". No wonder he is referred to by Everton fans as Judas.

Now Rooney has admitted he lied he has to start taking account of who really did leak the story to the press. Who had the most to gain ? Whose management company would make substantial financial gain from him moving ? Who stood to gain most from Wayne Rooney getting a pay rise ?

It seems to me that Wayne Rooney's advisers had more to gain from Wayne Rooney leaving Everton than anyone else.

At the time of his move, I was gutted. It seemed that Manchester United had used their financial muscle to wrest a player from Everton's grip who was destined for great things. Ironically, Manchester United are now in the same position with Real Madrid looking likely to take Cristiano Ronaldo from them against their wishes. It's funny how Manchester United seem unhappy with Real Madrid doing it to them, but less worried when they are doing it to other teams. But despite my upset those years ago, it has turned out to be one of the best moves Everton have made. In the last four years Everton have finished in the top six three times, they have invested wisely in players who want to play for Everton and have proved to be excellent buys (Jagielka, Lescott, Yakubu, Cahill and Arteta all spring to mind) whilst Mr Rooney's valuation seems now to be more generous than first seemed.

Four years ago Rooney seemed like the greatest player in the world in waiting. Now, he doesn't. yes, he's a talent, but he is not a world beater, he's not winning games single handed like a Ronaldo, Torres or Henry. Would he be worth £27 million now ? I very much doubt it.

It is also worth pointing out that the sense of community at Everton has been highlighted today stronger than ever. David Moyes has shown this by generously donating the "substantial" damages to the Everton former players foundation, David Moyes shows that he is more of a "blue" than Wayne Rooney ever was.

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