David Davis - Genius or Clown ?

I guess everyone was slightly taken aback by the Tory Shadow Home Secretary announcing he would resign his seat in Parliament. At first I thought it was an inspired piece of martyrdom, with David Davis saying that he was so sicken by the actions of parliament and the government that he could no longer stomach it any more. But when I read on that he was going to stand in the by-election himself, I was somewhat confused.

It seems the Tories are not averse to criticising other parties for calling unnecessary by-elections, and whilst I accept this is a matter of principle for David Davis, and one that has an element of risk (although the main risk has been removed by the Lib Dems agreeing not to stand against him), I really fail to see how this is going to make anyone change their minds over 42 days.

You have to hope, in the first place, that the whole issue of 42 days does not come back before the House of Commons before the by-election in David Davis' seat is held, after all, it would mean one less vote against 42 days. But also the by-election itself is hardly likely to truly be a referendum on 42 days itself. Everyone knows David Davis will get back in in Haltemprice and Howden because his is a Tory, and for no other reason.

I have to say I was impressed with the way David Davis spoke in Parliament yesterday during the debate, I was impressed by his passion on the subject and to a certain extend I think he has to be applauded. However, if labour decide not to play his game and if they fail to put up a candidate, it could be a meaningless by-election which proves nothing at all.


Toque said...


A Lib Dem should show some solidarity and do the same.

Anonymous said...

A good issue but a waste of tax payers money. Like you, I cannot decide.

Letters From A Tory said...

Davis will obviously win, but a reduced majority could make him look a bit ridiculous.

North Norfolk Blogger said...

I assume that you disagree with the 42 day limit? Do you agree with what DD is saying about the erosion of civil liberties?
IF you do, surely you should support his move rather than be so "iffy" about it.

My opinion? A politician with principle -- brilliant!!!

jailhouselawyer said...

Tears of a clown. Political suicide. Now, if he had jumped off the Humber Bridge in protest at the increase in toll charges that would have been heroic...

Anonymous said...

If ZaNuLabour fail to put up a candidate then surely it proves they do not have the courage of their convictions? They brought in 42 days, I presume they believe it is right that they should have done so, now surely it is right that they argue their point? Failure to put up a candidate is a sign of supreme political cowardice - ZaNuLabour now has to put up or shut up.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The point I was making was that it remains to be seen whether his move was good or not.

You can agree with all sorts of arguments without always agreeing with the methods employed.

For example, I agree with the aims of Fathers 4 Justice, but dislike their methods.

I think I have given DD due credit, but if Labour fail to play his game (and I agree they are cowardly) then I think that his actions might prove to be silly.