Chris Martin should remove his head from his own arse

So Chris martin was bored doing an interview for Radio 4. Well the BBC should apologise straight away for giving him free publicity the day after his band, Coldplay, released their new album. Of course the BBC should be apologising to us.

Coldplay are the very epitome of what is wrong with music at the moment. Turgid self indulgent crap served up time and time again is the most succinct way I could sum up their work, and for Chris Martin to believe he is so important that he shouldn't answer question shows why the BBC should not give him airtime.

So Chris Martin was bored ? Now he knows how I feel when i hear his music. Of course if he removed his head from his own arse he might realise this.


asquith said...

Hear hear. Fucking dinner party music for pathetic middle-aged women who buy 1 album a year, from Tesco.

There are a lot of excellent contemporary artists. But they never get into the charts, and almost no one has ever heard of them.

This is what I groove to: http://last.fm/user/asquith :)

Anonymous said...

Coldplay albums are bought by middle aged people who want to be able to tell someone they know that they still but music. "Got the latest Coldplay album", they can tell their work colleagues, and it probably occasionally gets played in the car.
Coldplay though play uninspiring shit that is suited to being played in lifts.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Coldplay's music is shite and Chris Martin is just a self-centred arrogant twat.

asquith said...

Yes, there's a big demographic of middle-aged people who want to prove to their children & the world in general that they are into contemporary music & haven't lost it.

Someone should sit them down & tell them that the best way to look as if you've got your finger on the pulse... is to actually fucking have your finger on the pulse, and not be some twat who hasn't got a clue.

Keane are, if anything, worse.

Paul Pinfield said...

Does downloading the album via BitTorrent make me a pathetic middle-aged women?

Lord Asda said...

i thought this was music for trendy teachers?