BBC bias towards Tories in Henley by-election

A couple of weeks ago the Conservatives issued a leaflet in the Henley by-election claiming the Lib Dem candidate was not local, despite them knowing full well that he lives in the constituency. the Lib Dems asked the Tories to retract the leaflet, and provided the proof that the Tories claims were wrong, but there was not Conservative apology. Did the BBC print this on their website or report it anywhere else ? Of course not.

Strangely though, the Tories are now accusing the Lib Dems about things written in a Lib Dem leaflet, and the BBC are reporting are reporting it ? It seems rather confusing since the Tory claims appear to be untrue and they have yet to provide any evidence that what they are claiming about the Lib Dems is incorrect.

So what does it say about the BBC that write a story that makes out the Lib Dems are bad, but with no evidence, but when the Tories do something and they cannot substantiate their claims, they fail to report it.

The Tories love to lambast the BBC for anti Tory bias, but when you delve a little deeper the BBC has a institutional bias against the Lib Dems.


Quiet_Man said...

Nich, as bad as this sounds, after years of pandering to New Labour, the BBC can see which way the wind is blowing politically. They are now cuddling up to the Tories to try and preserve their little fiefdom.
If the Lib Dems were in with a chance of power it would be them the BBC were supporting.

The Burbler said...

Interesting point, Nich. It might have something to do with the fact that David Cameron himself (for it was he) decided to announce the legal action about Boris' picture to the assembled dozens of Berkshire through BBC Radio Berkshire. (Strange that - Henley is in Oxfordshire). But just 8 hours later the Tories (presumably when someone amongst them with a brain actually bothered to look at the magazine in question) dropped any thoughts of legal action on that leaflet but continued "pursuing" the matter of a different leaflet through legal channels (despite having quietly failed to issue a writ, as they promised, about that one at High Noon yesterday).

It's all very peculiar. Your party leader announces sosmething in a storm of bluster at 8am, only for it to be quietly dropped at 4pm.

Doesn't say much for Cameron's judgment does it? Perhaps he ought to look at the chapter and verse concerned (in this case the original magazine) before firing off in future? Or perhaps he did but doesn't have a clue?

The Raven said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Lib Dem candidate from Plymouth? If he does live in the constituency, he must have moved there very recently.

Or was the leaflet refering to the potential 'election' candidate as opposed to the 'by-election' one? I know that they changed...

Jim said...

As our Aussie friends would say, the Beeb is 'kakking its daks' as to whether the Tories will either scrap or radically redistribute the licence-fee, so it follows that....;-)

Anonymous said...

Professor Richard Wyn Jones, Director of the Institute of Welsh Politics at the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University. has written a letter to David Cameron

Drew Belobaba said...

OH, Puhlease. The Lib Dem is not local. Yeah he moved into the constituency a week or two before the by-election campaing began. A few months back he was proclaimaing how much he loved Plymouth or Portsmouth or whereever it was that he carpetbagging at the time. These little tricks fool no one and just make the Lib Dem candidate look dishonest.

As for the Lib Dem candidate's critique of the Tory, I don't know if it is true or not. But if you think the evidence supports your version of events stick to your guns let them bloviate about legal action or whatever it is they are threatening.