Another Tory MEP in trouble over his expenses

One in a week is terrible for the Tory Party, Two is disgraceful, what price a third Tory MEP for being in trouble at some point ? After all, The News of the World printed this about another Tory MEP

"Moustachioed top Tory Roger Helmer is another MEP filling his boots. He has set himself up as a champion for openness and transparency in Brussels. But in an unguarded moment he bragged to our reporter of his plans to exploit the crazy expenses system for thousands more—by tweaking the way his home address is listed.

The idea is to make his home in Ashby Magna, Leics, appear at least 1,000 kilometres from Strasbourg— which under crazy Euro allowance rules will net him an extra £135 every time he flies there—£1,620 a year.

At present the distance is calculated from his postal town Lutterworth, which makes it 996km.

Over a blowout meal of scallops and red wine Helmer said: "From Ashby Magna I make it 1,001km.

"If Brussels agrees with me I'll say, ‘OK, backdate it!'"

The way the Eurocrats throw cash around they probably will. "


Bill Quango MP said...

Now you see why your mob should have tried to help close this crazy Constitreaty down.

I never used to care much about the Eu but really, what is the point of it? If we want to 'improve' up and coming countries like Romania we could all do it through private investment.
If we want to not grow food , we could manage it.
We are perfectly capable of creating pointless laws and even more pointless red tape by ourselves.

lets leave the bloody thing and at least cut out 1/2 the troughing

Norfolk Blogger said...

And if you read back through what I said about the EU treaty on several occasions you will note that I agree with you.

Most Lib Dems I know wanted a referendum. It was jus the party leadership and the Euro-Nuts in the Lib Dems who didn't.