From failure to humiliation and on to gross stupidity - Labour's 10% solution is a massive failure by every measure

The humiliation of Labour under Gordon Brown today was complete when Alistair Darling announced a £120 tax give away for this tax year (and this tax year only) to anyone on 40% tax.

Whilst Frank Field and other Labour rebels might be delighted, the whole principle of what Labour have done "sucks" in so many ways.

The main point for me is that this re-hash of the budget had to be done because Labour had failed to protect those who deserved protection most. Low wage earners would , as a matter of principle, be the last to be made to suffer in difficult times, and Labour, in a pre-meditated way planned to rob them and cared little until the polls showed that they had seriously cocked up.

The other reason why today's plan is so daft is because people like me, who benefited from the Labour budget and the cut of 2% in income tax, will gain twice. Oddly when the poor were being fleeced by Labour, I was made slightly better off, and now the poor are being re-imbursed, I too get a further boost to my income. This really is a daft form of logic.

The truth of the matter is though that Labour have lost the plot. You've just got to hope that the electorate will not be so dumb as to fall for it.


Paul Pinfield said...

I can't imagine this sort of thing would have happened in in 1997.

Well done Nich for pointing out a simple truth.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I totaly agree with you.
To me it just proves that Brown was never the chancellor he was made out to be. I dont think it will fool the people. I am sure labours lot is up, but it may save the Crewe by-election for them.

Letters From A Tory said...

I'm better off as well, and I still think the government should be ashamed of themselves.

Lil Jimmy said...

What a pathetic way to run policy.