Why is it that statistics are the only thing that matters these days ?

Norfolk Police have been in the news today for allegedly massaging figures for crime statistics so that some vandalism was not actually recorded as a crime. Sadly this sort of thing is too common an occurrence these days when the government is obsessed with measuring only what is measurable and not what is actually important.

Sadly though massaging crime statistics is nothing new. A few years ago common assault was reclassified so as not to appear on crime figures as a violent crime. This was in the days of the Tories being in charge so nobody can hold their heads high when it comes to taking the moral high ground.

Sadly we have had a series governments that care little about what really happens and instead worry more about what statistics say. Risking losing my argument because of Godwins Law, successive government seem more akin to Hitler ordering fictitious army groups around Germany that had been destroyed or captured many months before because no general had had the guts to tell Hitler the truth. Governments in the UK look at statistics and figures and tell us that everything is okay or getting better when a simple look out of the window would prove otherwise.

Things will only get better when governments wake up to the reality and ignore focus groups and statistics.


Johnny Norfolk said...

I dont beleive anything that comes from Labour or is controled by Labour.

Its all part of the reasons the people have turned against them.

They are in a world of their own.

Anonymous said...

Most European countries have independent statistics agencies that the government is not allowed to go anywhere near. I'd love to see the Conservatives go down this root, but can't see it happening.