The unsavoury and unsuitable Hillary Clinton

The Democratic nomination race has seen two very contrasting campaigns from its front runners. Obama's campaign appears more about aspiration whilst Clinton's campaign has become more and more about desperation.

Take for example Hillary's campaign team criticising Barack Obama's wife. Once might have expected that Hillary, herself the subject of lots of attacks whilst her husband was in office in the White House, would have realised that this type of campaigning is hurtful and pretty irrelevant, would have stepped away from such campaign methods. But no, her desperation was clear.

But by raising the spectre that someone could assassinate Barack Obama as her reason for continuing to campaign on when all appears lost, she really has show how utterly unsuitable she is for public office. It's a shame. i rather liked Bill Clinton and thought another Clinton could be quite good. Now, like many others, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Obama.

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Paul Pinfield said...

When Billary stood, I thought it would be a good thing, her being a woman and all. But, she has shown herself to be a pretty disappointing candidate.

I think she has set back the chances of a female president by at least two terms.