This government has a knack of selling just at the wrong time

Te government is apparently considering selling its stake in the UK's largest Nuclear Power supplier to French firm EDF.

When energy security is a growing concern, it does seem odd to be selling the stake at this time. But coupled with the recent announcement that Britain is to pursue a nuclear future, surely this is exactly the wrong time to sell.

Just like the government did with the UK's gold reserves, just like it did with the Defence research firm Qinetiq, this government follows the reverse of the normal economic policy of " buy low, sell high."


killemallletgodsortemout said...

Poor, and want to be poorer still?

Vote Labour - simple.

Paul Pifield said...

Hi Nich

I found you via Iain Dale's blog. I like the look of what you are doing.

I will keep dropping by to see what is going on...



Johnny Norfolk said...

Well it may soon be comming to an end, It looks possible that the Consrevatives will win Crewe. If that happens then its like a express train that will not stop, and is the begining of the end of Labour. As for the Lib/Dems they have yet to find the railway station.

Andy W said...

You're right but at least the French know what they're doing on nuclear power !!