The Newspaper that cried "Wolf"

The Telegraph is reporting that Nick Clegg came under fire in Afghanistan.

Yet 24 hours earlier they reported the completely made up story that Nick Clegg would support a minority Tory government. This Telegraph story has been denied by Nick Clegg's team and consisted of quotes like "The Telegraph has learned " and "sources say", but with no direct quotes from anyone. Most people are under the impression that the "Torygraph" was living up to its name and printed the story as a favour to their Tory friends in order to help the Conservatives squeeze the Lib Dem vote in Crewe and Nantwich.

The problem though for The Telegraph is why should we believe anything they have to say if they lie so willingly about people. it makes me wonder if Nick Clegg did come under rocket fire or whether its a Hillary Clinton story and actually he was given flowers by a child instead.


Johnny Norfolk said...

There is no smoke without fire. It has been indicated that Clegg was more inclined to the right. The Libs tried to link up with Labour when Blair got in. But Blair duped them with a promise to change the voting system if the Libs helped them defeat the Tories. As soon as Blair saw the the size of his majority he dropped any talks with the Libs like a hot brick. So they will now try the same with the Tories, anything for power.

Letters From A Tory said...

I doubt the Afghanistan story was made up. Clegg can't be that desperate for media coverage, surely!

jailhouselawyer said...

I picked up that Torygraph story and ran with it taking it at face value.

I am having a bit of a battle with the Torygraph at the moment. Last night they decided to censor My Telegraph post on the McCanns and gave a false excuse for doing so. And this morning they printed a false headline claiming that a man had been held by the police for a £5 parking ticket, when the story was clearly that he had been held for alleged criminal damage.