Do as we say not as we do - Norfolk County Council

I was speaking to someone I know yesterday who was rather struck by the hypocrisy of Norfolk County Council. Having read on Norfolk County Council's website about issues to do with fly-tipping, she contacted Norfolk County highways about a load of rubble that had been dumped on her land. Norfolk County Council were not too impressed or happy to be bothered with a phone call about fly-tipping and insisted she phone up Broadland District Council who are responsible for flytipping, and as Norfolk County Council were keen to add "the perpetrators could be fined".

"Oh, you're happy to be fined are you ?" replied the lady

"Why should we be paying it ?" replied Norfolk County Council ?

"Well the rubble was dumped there by Norfolk County Highways workmen about three months ago", she added.

"It's funny" , said the lady " Suddenly they were not so keen for me to phone Broadland and they insisted they would find someone who would clean up the mess for me".

Now it is good that Norfolk County Council put right their mess, but it's a shame that councils don't all lead by example.


Paul said...

Why didn't the lady state from the start that she had seen NCC workmen dump rubble on her land - that's what I would have done rather than try to obfuscate my reason for calling as your post seems to indicate.

Mike said...

I agree Paul - some people don't make it easy. If I was cynical, i'd say it was a set up!!

Johnny Norfolk said...

Its the employees of the council who have done this. Will they be warned about this or will the council bottle out of repremanding their own staff as they normally do, they are frightened of the unions.Whoever did this is guilty of gross misconduct and shoild be dismissed.

Tony Sharp said...

I am sure this is not county council policy. As a former councillor yourself Nich, you know it is not entirely appropriate to blame an authority for every action of its officers or employees. The authority would only be worthy of rebuke if it did not put the offence right.

It seems remarkable that this lady did nothing for three months despite knowing who left it there, then only chose to complain about the rubble dumped on her land after reading the NCC website. Incredible.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think ig you knew the person, a proper Norfolk lady farmer, you'd realise that she had rather reeled Norfolk County Council in. The interesting fact though was that she had phoned them up when they first left the rubble and they had promised to clear it up but had failed to do so. By taking another tack, she got the result she wanted.