The worst kind of NIMBYs - The Daily Mail

I was directed from Donal Blaney's blog to the Daily Hate today who are running an anti wind farms themed attack on the basis that they spoil some lovely views.

It reminded me of a North Norfolk resident who phoned me up when I was a councillor to ask if I would oppose plans for a wind turbine in North Norfolk.

"Of course", I said, "it's so rare to have someone who wants a traditional fossil fuel power station in their village these days", I added.

"What ?"

"A fossil fuel power station", I repeated.

"Um, no, I don't want any sort of power station" replied the man.

"Oh, so where do you want the power station to be for all the electricity you use ?"

"Someone else, anywhere else", said the man.

And that appears to be The Daily Mail's line too.

So I took the "lovely view" the Daily Mail eulogised about and added (rather hurriedly) a coal fired power station to the view. I do hope the Daily Mail enjoy the new view.

Doesn't this snobbish "not in my back yard" attitude of The Daily Scum just sum them up ?

P.S. It also reminds me of a story I read some years ago about the famous Dutch painter Van Dyke (Van Dijk) , who refused to paint windmills in his pictures when they first appeared in the Netherlands because he said they were ugly and spoilt the view. Some twenty years later he realised he was wrong and told anyone who had bought a painting from him that he would paint in the windmills if they wished him to. I have to say whenever I pass the wind powered generators on the A47 on the edge of Swafham in Norfolk, I think they are great and would have no problem with one being put near where I live.


Anonymous said...

A least a fossil fuel power station works!

Anonymous said...

Great post and love your response to the constituent!

Maybe if we built wind turbines that looked like windmills the Mail wouldn't complain?

Johnny Norfolk said...

I hate the windmills. They represent all that is wrong in Britain today. They are forced on people they produce little power, They blight our countryside and are just class hatred. The noise they make is disturbing.To show a photo of a power station superimposed onto a landscape is ridiculous. Without the huge subsidies they would never be built.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Why do you have to call it The Daily Scum. It just makes you look childish.

Baht At said...

what makes me laugh about the windfarm nutters is how they blithely dismiss the environmental damage done by the bloody things.

Anonymous said...

You really are a twat aren't you

Baht At said...

to anonymous - so nice of you to be a cowardly big mouthed arsehole.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think the anonymous comment was aimed at me, but who knows.

You tend to find that the anonymous/unregistered commenters or those who keep their blogger profile hidden tend to be the rudest and most ignorant.