What did Alistair Darling say ?

I watched Sunday AM this morning which featured Iain Dale, amongst others, but the main political heavy weights were Gideon Osborne and Alistair Darling.

For all my disbelief in anything Gideon Osborne says about the Tories caring for low wages earners (wasn't it the Tories who opposed the minimum wage ?) and my recollection that the Tories said next to nothing last year about the 10p tax cut, only realising in the last few weeks that it is an issue of significance, the one major asset Gideon Osborn has over Alistair Darling is that at least he keeps his sentences short and at least he alters the tone of his voice. In short, I can listen to Mr Osborne without drifting off to sleep.

Alistair darling has the completely opposite effect on me.

I don't know how many times Andrew Marr had to ask him over and over again if he accepted that the budget had made 5 million people poorer, but as far as I could tell all Alistair Darling did was repeat the same list of "New Labour achievements over the last 11 years" over and over again, ad nauseum, until quite frankly I lost all interest in what he was saying.

If it isn't bad enough that he seems to have no idea how to control the economy, he then waffles on to such a degree that nobody is interested in what he says. It's no wonder the banks left Downing Street last week and put interest rates up rather than down.

In the end I really could not remember anything Alistair Darling said.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Yet again you start off knocking the Tories. It is labour who have done this. The Tories did condem the tax at the time but as usual the left media hardly reported it.

Ben 10 said...

But the point of his posting was not the 10p tax band surely, it was about Alistair Darling compared to Osborne, ahh but then that explains why Nich commented that you don't actually read what he writes.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I do read what he writes but a do not agree with what he says. He is far to left leaning to be a true liberal.

Johnny Norfolk said...

The problem is again that labour have NOT run the economy well. Browns budgets have been a disater. Its all been built on borrowing and future hidden dept. Can you not see this ?.

Its frightening to me how so many have been conned by Labour.

You realy must be far more searching into what is going on and not believe what the labour spin doctors put out and headlined by the likes of the BBC.