Something the Daily Mail can really blame on Europeans

If you read the Daily Scum/Daily Mail, you will be aware that everything in the world is the fault of either

a) The Labour Party

b) Immigrants

c) Europe.

And usually The Mail would have us believe that it is the fault of all three at the same time.

So I wonder how the Daily Hate will report the "Euro-Whiff" that has apparently hit the South and East of England today (I say apparently as there is no evidence of the smell here in Norwich).

Will they blame it on immigrants in Holland and Belgium deliberately spreading much on fields when they knew there was an Easterly wind ? Will it be the Europeans seeking to gas us like the troops on the Western Front in 1916 or will it be a Labour plot to do away with all those areas of the country where there are lots of Tory MPs whilst Gordon Brown has the perfect alibi whilst being in America ?

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Johnny Norfolk said...

The Daily mail is a reaction to the majority of the left wing media led by the BBC. If the lefties were a bit more balanced you would not have the Mail as it is. I believe in freedom of speech. I have to put up with the BBC the garbagecan ( Guardian ) etc., so you will have to put up with the Daily Mail god bless her.