Just so we know who was really responsible for Princess Diana's death

Despite a clear lack of any evidence, despite no actual proof, for the last eleven years Mohamed Al Fayed has tried to smear the the government, the Royal family and the press by claiming some unique kind of global conspiracy was responsible for the death of his son and Princess Diana in 1997.

The facts today and the results of the inquest highlight that the main responsibility for their deaths lay with the drunk driver that Mr Al Fayed employed and trusted to drive them around.

So the man who was responsible was in the employment of Mr Al Fayed. So who paid the killer ?

Just so we know where the guilt really sits.


Elusive Pimpernel said...

All that effort, all that money - just to prove the bloody obvious.

You'd think one of them would have thought to apply Occam's Razor.

The Secret Person said...

Well I think the press paying the paparazzi are guilty too. And the media were pretty harsh on the Royal Family in the aftermath, despite their thirst for pictures fueling the chase.

Still there is no chance of Mr Fayed apologising to Prince Philip or the thousands of others he has slandered. They should sue him.

jailhouselawyer said...

I have come to the same conclusion that Mohamed Al-Fayed is responsible for the unlawful killing of Princess Diana and Dodi by way of vicarious liability.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I would give 75% of the blame to the driver and 25% of the blame to the passengers for not wearing seat belts.