I'm getting bored of Facebook - So true

I know I am not the only person who feels like this.


Linda Jack said...


Linguanaut.co.uk said...

Genius video

Johnny Norfolk said...

I thought Face Book was a childrens thing, so that is why you are bored.
Just dont use it.

Anonymous said...

Bored BY. Not bored of.

chaucer Quango said...

Chaucer Quango said...

I think that Gordon brown was terrific at PMQ's
He pummeled Cameron over his poor grasp of the
real economic situation.

The Tory Toff leader was weak and ineffective and
failed to land a single blow.
Brown has really got a grip now, and is more than
a match for him.

Clegg was just insipid. A total waste of a

Make no mistake, Labours fortunes are on the rise.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Well the elections will show what the people think.

Semaj Mahgih said...

Nich, it's not jsut a case of getitng bored. Facebook is seriously bad for the blogger's health - I did three posts on this some time back.

I don't touch them with a barge pole.