The history of the world according to Russia Today

Russia Today, Russia's state controlled version of BBC World, broadcast via satellite, broadcast a version of world history earlier today that almost made me choke on my tea. According to someone speaking about Russian/US relations,

"the Americans have never made an effort to have good relations with Russia. When Russia made an effort, in the past, back in 1962 to try and reach out towards America and have close relations when the Russians co-operated with Cuba, the US surrounded the island and tried to provoke a Nuclear War"
So there you have it. Russia's siting of nuclear weapons on Cuban soil was an attempt by the Russians to reach out to America and have closer relations.
I sometimes watch Russia Today as their sports coverage is quite good and despite their odd take on the Cuban missile crisis, it's still more believable than Fox News.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

We need to keep Russia at arms length. Putin is just another dictator.Give me America any day over Russia.