Better to be a dot as opposed to a murdering despot

According to the Zimbabwean Dictator Robert Mugabe, Gordon Brown is a "dot on the world". Better that I say than an nasty pussy boil that needs lancing, which is exactly what Robert Mugabe is.

If anyone didn't see the excellent "Headcases" on ITV last week, I've included the "Bob Mugabe" sketch that was so spot on in taking the piss out of Mugabe.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with this - and with 2DTV - and with Dead Ringers - is that in the new 21st-Century dumbed-down must-be-inclusive way, there has to be a load of guff about "PoshnBecks", Jade Goody, and Gawd knows who else, so that the politically unaware "get it".

Bring back Spitting Image circa 1987. It had a niche audience, ie those who were interested in politics, it's forays in bashing celebs were only politically-motivated, and celeb kultcha didn't come into it. P---takes like the Kinnock movie or the "steak" sketch would barely be understood now.