At last Gordon Brown decides to punish China

After months of sitting on the fence and doing nothing to punish China for their serious human rights breaches Gordon Brown has decided to punish China.

Yes he isn't going to the Olympic opening ceremony and in his place he is sending Tessa Jowell !

I can almost hear the Chinese tanks leaving Tibet already.


Johnny Norfolk said...

You need to check your facts. He never intended going to the opening, only the closing when the games are transfered to London.

Darren Grover said...

Good one, Mr. Bean! What he's done achieves nothing, it just means he'll miss out on seeing the opening ceremony.

Phil A said...

Setting Tessa Jowell on anyone would be bound to worry them. It would me ;-) Shows a ruthless disregard for their human rights if you ask me.

I suspect he saw this coming as he wriggled off this particular hook some time back.

It rather reminds me of his shenanigans over signing the Lisbon treaty.

Anonymous said...

Tessa Jowell - ouch, that is a vicious and inflammatory move.

jailhouselawyer said...

I thought the placard from a protester in Tibet was good, which had a crude drawing of a tank with the five Olympic rings as the wheels inside a track.