Why doesn't Lord Goldsmith advise us to adopt the stars and stripes too ?

Listening to Lord Goldsmith explaining how adopting a more American system of pledging allegiance to the flag (or Queen) would sort out so many ills affecting teenagers and the country as a whole made me wonder if Lord Goldsmith is in love with all things American.

At one point on the radio this morning he even agreed with suggestions that pledging allegiance would be akin to the American style "Senior Prom". The problem is, for all his mentions of America, he never once made reference to the fact that pledging allegiance in the US does nothing to stop youth crime, gun crime or anti social behaviour. Indeed in some parts of the US it is considerably worse than over here in the UK.

Of course, lord Goldsmith has "form" when it comes to America. Before the 2003 Iraq War he said that one security council resolution was not enough to go to war, then miraculously, after speaking to the Americans, the British Attorney General (as he was then) decided he was wrong, and that a second UN resolution was not required, so forgive me if I question Lord Goldsmith when it comes to adopting American ways.

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