What have Heathrow Airport and Zimbabwe got in common ?

A few days ago BAA and British Airways were falling over themselves to get in front of the TV cameras in order to publicise what a wonderful job they had done on Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport.

After the cock-ups on day one, they might have been forgiven for being less willing to face the cameras, but surely this was a first day mistake, a one off that would be put right ? No. On day two it was as bad and TV cameras were quick to highlight that the airport was taking very few passengers indeed which eased some of the obvious chaos from the day before, but meant BA couldn't hide from the fact that they were cancelling dozens of flights.

So on day three of the crisis at terminal 5, what have BAA and British Airways done ? Well the cancelled flights are as bad, as is the chaos and anger inside the airport. the only difference is, much like the way the press are banned Zimbabwe because they report the real truth, the press, and in particular the TV news have been banned from filming inside Terminal 5.

The next time that BA or BAA issue a press release wanting TV coverage the broadcasters should remind them of the Terminal 5 ban and tell BA and BAA to sod off.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Lack of training is the cause, and it is senior management to blame. do they ever talk to bagage handlers, the most important people to make it all work before take off.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

We're a laughing stock. A third world country with delusions of grandeur. Thank you, Bliar & Co.