Warrington - 15 years on

Given that today is the 15th anniversary of the bombings in Warrington I thought I'd share the a couple of the things that stood out for me from those terrible events.

Firstly, as an Everton fan, I remember feeling quite choked up at the death of Tim Parry, the young lad out shopping to buy an Everton shirt, who was killed by the IRA. And it was this death which stood in contrast to the other thing that stood out for me that day, which was football related.

A friend of mine who was at university in Scotland, who was also something of a Celtic fan, attended a Celtic match that day, and despite the killing of two young boys that day, the Celtic fans were still singing songs in praise of the IRA. I remember my friend phoning me up the next day to tell me he had walked out of the ground and had vowed not to watch Celtic again, such was his disgust.

At least 15 years on the people of Northern Ireland have grown up enough to stop murdering children. Sadly sectarianism is still part of the game in Scotland, and Celtic and Rangers are to be commended for their efforts to end it.

I hope those who still want to sing songs of praise to terrorists from the terraces in Scotland remember young Tim Parry and and Jonathan Ball the next time they start to sing at a football match.

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