Sack the idiot who thought that letting terrorists out of prison early was a good idea

The early release scheme, whereby the government lets prisoners out of prison early in order to free up more places for prisoners (who will themselves presumably be let out early), is supposed to let people out who do not pose a major risk to society.

So presumably, according to Labour, people convicted of terrorist offences do not pose a risk to society ?

You would expect the government will now end calls for keeping suspect in prison for longer as it is utter hypocrisy to want to lock up terrorist suspects for longer but will then let out convicted terrorists early.


Norfolk Days Out said...

It's certainly a concern. With the development of the latest Norfolk prison just down the road from us in Coltishall we are not reassured about the governments ability to manage potential threats to society.

Anonymous said...

What would be the point of ID cards and all these extra security things if they chuck the terrorists out into the open... pfff Im confused by the Labour government.

The don't know what they are doing! (in my opinion)

Johnny Norfolk said...

Its just what you expect from Labour.They increased time served a few years ago but of cousre never asked the question 'will we have enough space'. Well we now know the answer to that one and they are letting out anybody to make room.

Labour cannor run anything. Pass laws yes. Ensure they are carried out- no.
I thought you would be blaming cameron for it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone in the "government" know what the hell is going on?

Julian Gall said...

How does releasing a terrorist 18 days earlier than he would otherwise be released pose a risk to society? If he's a risk 18 days before his release date, what would happen in those 18 days to magically remove this risk.

Norfolk Blogger said...


Your argument suggest there is no reason to lock them up at all.

Are you saying rapists no longer pose a treat once they have finished a prison sentence or byrglars for that matter. Have you never heard of repeat offending ?

Anonymous said...

Your comment is well made but this vainglorious administration does not recognise plain commonsense. What is obvious is their front bench has no exertise or experience.
Straw is simply a re-tread whose only ability is as a survivor -not as a high calibre minister.
The worry is what would happen if Brown `fell under a bus?`
God forbid Straw or one of the other cabinet twits-became PM


Gordon said...

I suspect that this is an example of the absolute absurdity of managing everything by centrally mandated rules.

Labour loves to manages by rules and there is now a deeply rooted culture of folowing the rules even if, in a particular case, they are perverse or even clearly inapplicable.

The problem is that Labour's rules-culture leaves no scope for local initiative or common sense.

Of course they changed the rule to exclude terrorism as soon as the story hit the press - but that only proves the point. A rules-based management culture CANNOT succeed in a complex World.

Gavin Whenman said...

Um... so the possession of documents make you a terrorist now?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Well if it means you are convicted of terrorist offences then thhe answer is yes.

Johnny Norfolk said...


This is the way the EU runs. When I lived in Germany it was just the same. Did you know in Germany you have to pass a state exam before you can go course fishing. I used to say it would never be like this in England. How wrong I was.