Obama ahead in three of the four latest polls in Texas

The latest polls from Texas are perhaps the clearest sign yet of the end of the road for Hillary Clinton's bid to win the Democratic nomination.

Three polls, published yesterday have Barack Obama ahead , with only one poll showing Hillary Clinton still in the lead. This confirms earlier polls done a few days ago that showed Obama eating in to Hillary Clinton's once formidable lead in this key state.

In Ohio the news remains better for Clinton, but her 10% poll lead in this state too have evaporated. The average of the four latest polls only have her 4.25% ahead of Obama, which is well within range of the statistical margin of error.

If I bet on US politics, I'd now be betting heavily on Obama, but then again I bet on the Lib Dems to win the Hartlepool by-election, so what do I know ?

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Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I'd actually like Obama to win.

Here's hoping!