If Stoke City played football in my garden ...

I'd draw the curtains.

No, seriously, I would. Having been to Carrow Road this evening to watch Norwich versus Stoke, I can honestly say I have never seen a team play so little football as Stoke. Just a succession of balls pumped aimlessly forward, relying in the ball going out for a throw in , whereupon some bloke launched the ball repeatedly from throws in to the box.

As an Everton fan, I might show bias towards them, but I am a genuine football fan. Living in Norwich, I like to watch Norwich City, but when I lived in Coventry, I went to watch Coventry City and similarly, when I lived in Northampton, and went and watched Northampton Town. However, if I lived in Stoke, I'd have to watch Port Vale because in terms of the legal definition of the word "football", I am not sure that the "kick and rush" stuff that Stoke plays even qualifies as football.

It's little wonder that Stoke brought so few away fans (did they come in a taxi ?) and they have thousands of empty seats at home games every week.

If I were a Derby fan I'd pray that Stoke go up to the Premiership, because they would surely set a new record for the fewest points scored in the Premiership of they do, thus saving Derby's blushes.

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asquith said...

I hope Stoke go up, so they can get completely slaughtered in every game and go straight back down. It might stop them going round like they're something special. Though knowing them, they'll probably keep on about the glory days when they were in the Premiership for about 30 years.