How many times will Alistair Darling re-announce things from the 2007 budget on budget day this year ?

Much like most fly on the wall type documentaries like Wife Swap. Location Location Location and You Are What You Eat, the Labour Party do like to repeat the same point over and over again just in case you miss something, or in many cases to patronise.

The lifestyle shows I mentioned always tell you what will happen, then before every break tell you what will happen next followed by a return after the break telling you what has already happened, before the whole process is repeated again, meaning that in any 30 minute programme, there is actually only about 12 minutes of programme, the rest is just resumes and reminders. As so it is for Labour.

Gordon brown has a terrible tendency to re announce policies year after year just in case we are stupid enough not to remember and there is little reason to believe that Alistair Darling is any different.

So how many times will they mention this year that income tax will be cut by 2% ? How many mentions will the rise in inheritance tax get ? Remember, these were announced last year. But what will they forget to mention ? I doubt that the axing of the 10% tax band will get as many mentions as the income tax cut of 2%. Likewise, you can expect a re-announcing of the increase in ISA limits that were first announced last year.

I'd love to be surprised and not hear another set of recycled announcements, but alas, after 11 years in government it all sounds so tired from Labour.

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Alexfromnorfolk said...

I tend to agree. The fear I have is that the Tories are ready and waiting and will F*$k up everything again!!!

Notice I never mentioned the Lib Dems!