George Osborne eaten alive on Radio Five live

I've always thought of George Osborne as n over promoted rich boy who lacks any real credibility and gravitas, and this was shown in very great detail today on Radio Five this morning when he was talking about Tory plans to tax alcopops and premium beers at a higher rate.

George Osborne starting explaining how his plans were proven because of their success in other countries, with him naming Norway as one such example. Then he, he walked in to a trap of his own making. The BBC interviewer, obviously aware of Mr Osborne's tendency to mention Norway as had obviously done a bit of research in to Norway, in then listed to Mr Osborne exactly what they do in Norway to support efforts to reduce drinking on top of simply taxing premium beers at a higher rate. The things that Norway also does includes setting an age limit of 20 for people wanting to buy spirits and banning the sale wine, beers and spirits in convenience stores, garages and supermarkets. The interviewer want on listing all the other things Norway does, and in response George Osborne had no proper answer or response other than to again repeat the same points he had made at the beginning of the interview.

Very shallow and hopelessly out of his depth were the first thoughts that came in to my head.


Anonymous said...

So no better than Nick Clegg then ?

GM said...

Osborne was consistently squashed by Brown and even now offers little in the way of credible gravitas. But it is a sign of how dire current Labour talent is that he looks like a giant compared to AListair Darling.

Grendel said...

Maybe your right.

But I suspect that he would still make a better CotE than Badger.


Anonymous said...

Well I can see one difference straight away. Obviously Nick Clegg isn't a piece of Tory shite. The oleaginous Osborne very much is.

Richard T said...

I doubt Norway (or Sweden) is a particularly good model. All you need to ask is just who are the worst binge drinkers in Scandinavia? Right first time the Norwegians, closely followed by the Swedes. Because of the restrictions on sale and the price of commercial drinks there are numbers of Norwegians who distil spirits at home and when they are anywhere where drinks are reasonably priced and available they get totally blootered. Shows you the depth of our boy's research though.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

Bring back Ken Clarke!!

The Tory Troll said...

Can you remember what show and time it was on? I'm trying to find it on listen again.

Norfolk Blogger said...

It was about 8.00am and I think it was Sheila Fogarty who was interviewing him.

Anonymous said...

I love it when politicians talk about Scandanavian countries because someone read about them in the newspaper and it sounds like a good idea. If you believed politicians, the entire world should be going to live in Scandanavia as life is so fantastic!

Alexfromnorfolk said...

I cant help but feel the problem with binge drinking has little to do with the cost and availability.

There is bugger all to do for the teens. I come from the countryside and moved to Norwich 6 years ago. I get bored, so how do they feel!

Parents sitting on their arse all day, No social clubs, No fun and so on. We are treating kids like adults earlier and they are acting like them!

A bottle of Vodka can go a long way and you can buy a bottle for next to nothing.

The social framework that the Tories ripped the heart out of is the problem. It's to late to turn that around in the short term.

Pubs are going out of business because of the smoking ban, People cant afford to go out like they used to. The pleasures in life are running out and people wonder why the people at the raw end of things appear to give little if no notice to social behaviour.

Social exclusion for these people can do nothing but make the situation worse. What possible idea has George Osborne got about society when he (the millionare) is only interested in keeping the upper class and middle England sweet for the next election.

The vote goes down every election and younger people are so fed up with what they are getting.

In 20 years or more there wont be the main parties. The younger generation will be the parents and even grandparents. What advice do you think they will give.

Polititions have bit by bit lost the plot. A reality check is needed instead of worrying about retaining power or getting it.

The worm is turning! and beware the British can only take so much.

But for how long?

Alexfromnorfolk said...

I have been to IKEA. Is that what its like?