Febregas' words may come back to haunt him

Rather petulantly, Arsenal footballer Cesc Fabregas has hinted that Martin Taylor deliberately intended to injure Arsenal footballer Eduardo a few weeks ago and claims the three match ban is not sufficient.

This accusation may come back to haunt Febregas in the future.

Arsenal are, for all their football skills, also a team not afraid to put the boot in, with recent incidents in the Manchester United game involving a waist high tackle from Eboue, an attempt hack a player from behind by Hoyte and a deliberate violent kick of a player off the ball from Gallas being three example.

However, Cesc Fabregas, for all his skill, is also not really leading by example. Last weekend he feigned that Emile Heskey had head butted him, when the replays showed that nothing of the sort had happened. Yes, Mr Fabregas' was of leading by example was to try and get a player sent of for violent conduct when this was not true.

I hope Fabregas never mistimes a tackle in his life because when he does and injures someone, someone is bound to remind him of his quote.


Tony Sharp said...

I disagree Nich. Heskey put his head into Fabregas' cheek. I do not doubt the contact was minimial and Cesc made a meal of it. But the laws of the game are clear and Heskey should know better than to put his head to someone's face. Even feigning a headbutt is enough for a red card.

As for the motivation for Cesc's comments, he was one of the first players on the scene when Eduardo's leg was shattered. He is only a young man and seeing an open compound fracture through the sock of his friend and team mate must have been shocking.

His comment may be OTT but I can understand how his emotions must have been all over the place.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But he's had two weeks to think about this. In the heat of the moment, yes, but now ? It's out of malice.

What about the three Arsenal challenges, all deliberate and with no attempt to play the ball that I mentioned ?

In my experience, it is often the least cynical, non tackles that end up being the most serious. Take David Busst against Manchester united for Coventry in 1995 when he broke his leg as badly as Eduardo, and nobody was even making a challenge on him. Likewise Djibril Cisse of Liverpoo against Bolton, a compound break when nobody made a challenge.

If myself playing on a Sunday morning every week for several years. Lots of bone crunching barely legal challenges both on me and by me yet the only injury I had was a double break (metatarsal and ankle) from a really inoccuous challenge that I didn't even get a free kick for.

Johnny Norfolk said...

How can you watch these people. football is full of cheats. i just cannot watch it with all the fouls and cheating. I would suggest you do the same.