Did your MP support the Iraq War ?

Lots of Tory MPs, including "Call me Dave" Cameron are running around frantically pointing at Gordon Brown and blaming him alone for the war in Iraq.

Of course what the Tories are trying to do is divert attention from the vast swathe of the Tory Party (including Dave) who supported the Iraq War even more than the Labour Party did.

Do you remember the Tory MPs shamefully shouting "Charlie Chamberlain" at Charles Kennedy when he spoke during the Iraq war debate ? Do you remember that there were more Labour MPs who voted against the war than there were Conservative MPs ?

So if you are not sure how your MP voted. why not click on this link to the hold them to account website and check out whether your MP is a hypocrite or not.


Daily Referendum said...


I pretty sure they were voting on information given to them by Labour. On that information they were correct to support the government. The Lib Dems were wrong.

20/20 hindsight is a great gift.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Why are you so anti Tory. MPs were lied to by Blair. It is Labour who are in government and it is their fault. I do not blame any MP who voted to go to war given the lies they were told. I have never known blatent lies given in the House like this before. You should be after Blair & Co not using red herrings like this defending Labour. Shame.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Two innacuracies from the Tory contingent.

Firstly,the Tories were pro war before the dodgy dossier AND importantly despite there not being a 2nd resolution from the UN. This should not be ignored. Everyone knoew there was no legitimacy to a war without a second resolution. Only the Lib Dems followed this through.

The second thing is that is there any point to a political opposition if when it comes to key decisions they listen to the prime Minsiter rather than having the courage of their own convictions.

And just to make myself clear again, the Tories supported the war without a second resolution from the UN - It was an illegal war !

Johnny Norfolk said...

So why are you attacking the Tories and not Labour. To my mind true liberals should be close to the Tory party not Labour. Its Labour that is bringing this country down, not call me Dave.

You need to move on and stop this class war.

Andy W said...


The Lib Dems were clearly correct as were the Nationalists a number of Labour MPs and a small number of Conservatives. So were over a million people who marched and for each marcher there would be a large number who were also anti-war.

At the end the Tory's are naturally pro war. I was their job to OPPOSE but they are truly clueless. If they were in the least professional they would have seen through the rhetoric & listened to Robin Cooke, Hans Blix or Charles Kennedy.

It was a Tory war (Blair being a Tory in Disguise).

Even now they don't know how to oppose - boy George can't even land a blow on Darling.

Toffs in a man's world.

Anonymous said...

"the Tories were pro war before the dodgy dossier"

You are completely missing the point. The dodgy dossier was just one of the many pieces of factually incorrect evidence that Bliar and Labour presented to Parliament and to the world. What about the rest of the lies perpetrated by the Americans and picked up by Labour? I supported the war at the time, only to realise later on how cynically we'd been lied to for months on end by the Government in the run up to the war.

Anonymous said...

This 'name and shame' LD website is petty. I put in a Rushcliff postcode, where the local MP Ken Clarke, voted against the war. It said something like, 'Ken Clarke voted against the motion, but his party didn't...'

How petty can you get?

Tories, self included, supported the war because of the information given to us at the time. The Lib Dems cannot have known it was false.

You talk about the UN. Why do you hold it in such a high esteem? It's an awful, spineless & corrupt organisation. It sits by whilst millions die - take, for example, Sudan. Its military staff rape and abuse locals in developing and war-torn countries. Instead of taking action, it seeks to cover them up.

What was we supposed to do with Saddam Hussein? Leave him there? He was not just a threat to the region, but to the world. Iraqis are now free and some 70% participated in the recent election. People are begining to feel more free and optimistic.

All that said, an enquiry is needed to discover how and why Labour told lies to Parliament. It's not wrong or impossible to support both the liberation and an enquiry into it.

Andy W said...

ps The link doesn't work

Anonymous said...

I don't get your point. Ken Clarke opposed the war, and the website says this, but his party suipported the war, and again, the website says this. how is this petty ?