Will Livingstone be "Red Faced" Ken over the Linford issue ?

If we are to believe the words of Linford Christie's agent, Ken livingstone ha been telling lies over the decision to invite her client to be a torchbearer for the Olympic torch whilst it travels around the UK.

Whoever made the decision to invite Linford Christie was very stupid in the first place. When drug taking is so high up the agenda of concerns about the Olympics this year, choosing someone who has a lifetime ban from the Olympics because he was found to have the steroid "nandralone" in his blood wias neither sensible or setting a good example.

Of course, Ken Livingstone does not want to seem like the oaf behind the decision, but as Christie's agent confirmed to the BBC, he did sign the letter.

From the BBC Website

"A Greater London Authority spokesperson denied the Mayor himself had taken the decision to contact Christie. "

But Christie's agent Sue Barrett told BBC Radio 5 Live that she had a letter signed by Livingstone inviting Christie to be one of 80 torch bearers.

"I have a letter in front of me signed by Ken Livingstone," said Barrett.

This can lead us to two possible conclusions.

Either Ken did make the decision, now feels stupid, and wants us to believe he never did invite Christie. Or the second option is that he signs letters without reading them, thus making us believe that he is making decisions and taking the credit when they go right, but sass "wasn't me mate" when they go wrong.

Either way, it does not give anyone confidence in Livingstone.


Anonymous said...

I though you liked Livingstone Nick ?

GLA Spokesperson said...

Reports claiming that the Mayor invited Linford Christie to participate in the torch relay are inaccurate. The decision to invite Linford Christie to be a torchbearer was not taken by the Mayor. It was taken by officials and was a mistake. The Mayor merely issued letters to those they had decided to invite as a formality.

The Mayor himself had the right to nominate five torchbearers. Linford Christie was not one of them.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Which backs up my point. jen appears to sign anything put in front of him. I guess he would not be denying he issues the request if he had got good publicity ?