What is Labour's obsession with stopping things that work and replacing them ?

Labour's obsession with change for change's sake continues apace. Now they want to get rid of small medical practises and reaplace them with giant medical centres with lots of doctors.

What labour don't understand is that outside of London, outside of large cities, indeed, outside of Labour held seats, there is a vast expanse of rural countryside with small villages often served very well by a small medical practise. In these cases people build up really good relationships with doctors and the other staff in the surgery and get first class treatment. The problem with Labour is that they see an inner city solution to every problem.

Large medical centres (polyclinics, as they call them) is that it will means cloasin hudnreds of smaller doctors surgeries, it will mean that people without transport in some villages will find it very difficult to get to the doctors and could very well lead to a deterioration in medical care.

Labour rally need to take their inner city blinkers off and accept that things can be done differently from the way they are done in large cities.

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Anonymous said...

When you are struggling in the polls there is a need to be seen to be doing something so it looks like you are in control.