What is actually "fun" about your Facebook "Fun Wall" or Facebook for that matter ?

I have been registered with Facebook longer than anyone I know, and to begin with it seemed like harmless unobtrusive fun, but as soon as everyone I knew got registered on it I have found it to be an utter pain in the arse.

Everyday I receive pointless and never ending e-mail stelling me someone has done something on my "fun wall", only to find that my fun wall is about as much fun as cholera. Every other day I receive a request to join some group to save someone from deportation or to get someone recognised for something they may or may not have done.

In short, I am fed up with Facebook.

I do have a Norfolk Blogger Facebook group, should you wish to join (I don't think I have turned anyone down yet), but I maintain this only because I am sure eventually I will find a legitimate and useful application for Facebook, but until then, I guess I will have to tolerate it.


asquith said...

Agreed. The fact that whenever I fill in a quiz etc. I'm obliged to add an application enrages me. It's a fairly wretched site. But I have no other avenue of communicating with people that I can't see face to face, because I live too far from them. One thinks of my friends from Keele.

Additionally, I've got people like you and assorted others listed as friends :)

Andy said...

I have found Facebook to be ever more irritating the more people have joined it. I was on it in 2005, when it was pretty much exclusively a student thing. Back then, it was a joy - just a wall, photos, groups and events, pretty much. Of course, if you had irritating friends inviting you to a group all the time, that could be a pain. But mostly, it was great, and an enormous breath of fresh air after MySpace.

Now, the widening of the user base and the advent of third-party applications has turned the whole thing into a mess. The once pleasantly unfussy graphical interface is now often almost as ugly as MySpace, and hardly a day goes by when someone doesn't invite me to add some application, because without doing so, many applications will not let you use them.

My solution is pretty much to tolerate those invitations, but certainly don't tolerate extra crap that you get because you added an annoying application. If you don't like Fun Wall, get rid of it. I get on fine with my perfectly normal old-school wall.

asquith said...

The problem is, Andy, if people don't accept applications they are limited in what they can do. So you're between the devil and the deep blue sea. But I don't want to leave either, as that would make me lose out in terms of networking.

Joe Otten said...

Yeah, and just because you read somebody's blog, they think you might want to join yet another facebook group about the blog...