Two Tories and no Lib Dems on Question Time again

Tonight's Question Time features A Labour Minister (Caroline Flint), Australian writer Clive James, a Bishop, Sayeeda Warsi (A Tory Peer) and Melanie Phillips (A right wing pro Tory journalist who works for the Tory mouthpiece the Daily Mail).

Yet again, a complete lack of balance from the people who do the bookings for Question Time.


Iain said...

All the more so as it's in Watford where we have a Lib Dem elected Mayor, council majority and are just 1,148 votes behind in the Parliamentary seat.

Why bother going round the country if there is actually no local flavour at all to the programme.

There is absolutely no-one on the panel with whom it is possible to feel any sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Question Time
unbalanced top table and an audiance is always three quarters UKIP or worse

Anonymous said...

I think Shirley Wiliams was booked and then dropped out. Quite why she had to be repalced by Melanie Phillips though is beyond me!