A terrorist's hypocrisy never has boundaries

It seems ludicrous to hear Hezbollah bemoaing the assasination of one of its leaders today in a manner akin to the sort of killings it is so keen to dish out to others in the middle east and beyond.

Personally, if the Israeli government were involved and killed someone on the sovereign soil of Syria, I would condemn them. There is always an onus on states to act in a better way than terrorists. However, the utter hypocrisy of Hezbollah moaing about his death shows the utter moral bankruptcy of terrorist organisations.

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Tony said...

I am not sure moral bankruptcy applies when the terrorists had no morals to start with.

One can understand those who would condemn Israel or the US if they were involved in this incident. But I am supportive of any operation that sees terrorists taken out wherever they skulk.

Britain should have a gloves off approach to terrorists and be prepared to carry the fight wherever those who threaten us reside.