Not being a crook is sometimes not good enough Mr Conway

Derek Conway has insisted to Sunday Newspapers that he is "not a crook". Perhaps, in the eyes of the law, he isn't, but is that an excuse for his behaviour ?

Is it against the law to be rude to people ? No, but it is offensive. Is it against the law to urinate in your own garden ? I certainly don't think so, but it is not particularly nice ? Yes thes emay be silly and extreme examples, but it makes the point that just because it is "not against the law", it does not make it okay.

What people do expect from MP's is a good example. In many ways, perhaps wrongly, we expect out MP's to be better than us. I think politicians should be ,if not whiter than white when it comes to their honesty, as clean as possible. This may be unattainable because our politicians are only human, but I think it is right to have the aspirations.

Derek Conway has also stated that he still believes he has "done nothing wrong."

And isn't that just the problem ? He thinks that halving his secretary's pay whilst at the same time his wife is paid top whack from his expenses is okay ? He thinks that paying his son for doing no work is okay, because it does not say he can't. In many ways it is because of people like Derek Conway that we have to have so many seemingly needless rules in order to prevent people trying to get away with taking as much as possible.

So what would the world be like if Derek Conway's rule existed. Imagine if there was no rule that said "you cannot do this" or "you cannot do that", what the world would be like. It is for the likes of Derek Conway that "keep of the grass" signs were invented.

Sorry Mr Conway, but you have done wrong and you've compounded it through your pathetic excuses. Being a politician should be about giving something to society, not about financing your family and being out for all you can get within the law. That is why you are so wrong.

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IanP said...


Absolutely first class post. Spot on the money, and I wish more of the political bloggers would take the same view.