I'm not saying Lib Dem blogs are boring and predictable but this is ridiculous

The Lib Dems, ever keen to co-operate, have a nice little blog called "Lib Dem blogs aggregated", which takes the stories in chronological order from virtually all Lib Dem blogs in existence, and very good it is too.

Lib Dem blogs also tells you their top 5 most clicked stories, but rather oddly the top five has not changed for a week now (see the graphic at the top of this page)

Are all Lib Dem blogs that boring that nobody wants to click on anyone elses stories or is it that we've found the five greatest blog posts of all time ?


Chris K said...

I was wondering about that. Either one of my posts was so fascinating people were rushing to it all week, or the thingy is broken.

Jonny Wright said...

The top 5 rated blogs thingy is often quite temperamental. I don't know quite what's wrong with it, but it takes ages to update over the course of a day, and does sometimes freeze for days at a time. Although this latest glitch is a bit worse than normal.

Duncan Borrowman said...

Still not working and no Golden Dozen so far this week. Is it bust?