Hats off to Steven Spielberg

Well done Steven Spieldberg from withdrawing his support to the creative side of the Beijing Olympics this year in protest at China's support for the genocide in Darfur.

Read the full story about it HERE.

No doubt China will react by banning his next film, but what else would we expect from such a corrupt regime.

It does highlight though again the stupidity of the International Olympic Cpmmittee in awarding the Olympics to China in the first place given their dreadful human rights record, the recent history of systematic and state sponsored doping of athletes and their dreadful support for the world's worst dictators (Burma, Sudan and Zimbabwe).


Alexfromnorfolk said...

you dont want to be getting excited about this minor protest. The Olympics should never be going to a country with a human rights record like China's.

Anonymous said...

Yes we shouldnt leave it to Christain fundementalists in the US to stand up for Darfur.

Shame however that the British liberals (small L) only care about certain genoicides or wars

Cannot recall many Liberal, Labour or nationalist MPs making a stand on Bosnia or Rawanda (Paddy aside)

We all know Burma (even if her father invited the Japenese into Burma at the start of WW2)is trendy, its the others I worry about especially Kenya and Uganda