Greg Mulholland is wrong to call Ivan Lewis an arsehole

During the debate yesterday in which Greg Mulholland was heard to call Ivan Lewis an "arsehole", Ivan Lewis, refused to give way three times during a rant he was making against two Lib Dem MP's, thus refusing to allow the Lib Dems in question to refute his allegations against them.

Ironically, Mr Lewis was at the time having a go at the politicisation of the debate (heaven forbid we she have politics in parliament), then he went on a party political rant himself. That's it Ivan, prove you are right by copying them, that'll show them !

the question is, what do you call a man who in a cowardly way calls other people names but then refuses to allow them to respond ? A coward is one word, but an arsehole is perhaps more befitting.

The problem is though that this is not a description fit for Mr Ivan Lewis as an arsehole does serve at least one useful purpose and I cannot actually think of any useful purpose Ivan Lewis serves.

I prefer my own description of Ivan Lewis that I made last week. As you can see, I though then that Ivan Lewis was actually a stupid prat. Now come on Greg Mulholland, that's a much more fitting title for Mr lewis when you next see him.


Gavin Whenman said...

Team America:
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Anonymous said...

New labour Health Minister Ivan Lewis said Mr Clegg's care guarantee for the elderly was "not worth the paper it is written on".

Hmmm? A new labour anti English fascist spouting off about others is a huge joke. What utter hypocrisy. Still, whilst the idiot is waffling about someone he doesnt have to talk about his party failures.

Joe Otten said...

Good point on usefulness. Without an arsehole, how many members of the government would be able to speak at all?