Bugging Labour MPs

I was wondering, given the furore over the bugging of a meeting between a Labour MP and a constituent, whether it is something that should happen more often ?

After all, if we were able to here what they say away from the cameras we might be able to discern more clearly whether the do tell lies all the time or whether is is just for the press.

Just a thought.


Normal Mouth said...

Your spelling's bugging me.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The fact that Blogger's spell checker has not worked for a week bugs me too. I have now ammended the errors from earlier.

jailhouselawyer said...

Can you now amend ammended?

BTW, as Blogger is American it does tend to inform me that my English is incorrect.

On the same theme, one of our failing schools in Hull has now raised its standards. Not I hasten to add as a result of the English pupils, rather it is the Eastern European influx that has raised the standard.