Why does agreeing with Andrew Rossindell make me feel dirty ?

Far be it for me to agree with one of the most unpleasent right wingers in the Tory party, but Andrew Rossindell MP's question to Jack Straw in the House of Commons, which I plucked form Conservative Home is a good one which deserves a proper reply.

Andrew Rosindell MP: "Can the Secretary of State for Justice explain why a patient in an NHS hospital has only £3 a day spent on their food, yet a criminal locked up in a police cell has £12 a day spent on food? Will the Secretary of State enlighten us as to why the figure is four times more for a criminal in a cell?"

Jack Straw MP, Secretary of State for Justice: "As ever, the hon. Gentleman, who comes from the same great county as I do, asks an important question. The issue is an interesting one, and I shall revert to him and the House on the matter."

When my wife was in hospital for a few days after giving birth, I used to have to take her downstairs to the canteen each night and keep bringing in snacks for her, not because the food was not nice, but simply because the portions were tiny. It makes you wonder how some people eat their way to good health when you are constantly hungry.

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jams o donnell said...

It makes my skin crawl that Rosindell is my MP. He has a point but the answer is nothing to do with mollycoddling prisoners