Tory woes in Uttlesford (Saffron Walden)

The Tory run council in Saffron Walden (Uttlesford) is apparently £1.8 million in deficit, and has lost control of its budget.

Don't worry residents of Uttlesford, remember the Tories promised you lower taxes if they ran the council ? Well, er, sorry. They lied.


Anonymous said...

This may be appear a little unkind but is the Budget not the one they inherited from the defeated Lib Dem Administration. The Budget was set this time last year when it was a Lib Dem controlled Council. Council. So your comments are unfair and inaccurate and not up to your usual standards.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But you spend according to your income surely ?

If the Lib Dem budget from last year was not a balanced budget, why were the Tories unaware ?

Anonymous said...

Nich - you need to dig a little deeper on this - they inaccurately double counted income for several years that only came to light mid-2007 FROM THE LIB-DEMS DOH!

Ten Uttlesford DC officers are to be axed as the council grapples with a £1.1m hole caused by financial errors in its £8m spending.

The council said the combination of voluntary redundancies and early retirements would save £266,000 a year.

Audit Commission officials are due to present their final report on the council's accounts at a meeting next week.

Uttlesford's troubles began last summer, when the overspend was found to result from the council having double-counted planning delivery grant in two consecutive years.

The error led it to believe it had £500,000 more in its budgets for both 2006-07 and this financial year than was actually the case (LGC, 27 September).

The council was also hit by the costs of fighting the expansion of Stansted Airport at a public inquiry, which led to a £144,000 overspend.

Former resources director Phil O'Dell left last month, only four weeks after the council said he had "agreed to take an extended period of absence" to enable changes to be made to its financial management.

Chief executive Alasdair Bovaird said: "The last few months have been difficult for the organisation in general and for the finance team in particular.

"Mr O'Dell's desire to move into consultancy coincides with our need to make a fresh start and to make changes quickly."

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'll print your response, but don't be such a coward and be Mr Anonymous. If you are that smart and have found something out, be brave enough to say who you really are !