Proving that even bad publicity can be good sometimes

I am personally not a believer in the old adage that "All publicity is good publicity". For example, I cannot see how the headlines "Leading Tory in Rent-Boy shock" could possibly be good news for the Tories or how "Tesco admit they are Bastards" would make people rush through their doors. Just ask Gerald Ratner and I am sure he would agree that the publicity he received for his statement about his cheap jewellery in the Ratners stores he ran didn't exactly do him or his firm a lot of good.

However, if you look at today's music chart you will see that despite a week of lurid headlines about Brittney Spears being institutionalised because of her addictions, refusing to hand her children over to their father, losing custody of her children and a series of photos of her apparently strapped to a stretcher going in to an ambulance, Brittney Spears last single, which was out some months ago, has jumped 22 places from number 41 up to number 19 in the UK top 40 singles.

So obviously any publicity can be good for you, on certain occasions.

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