The Police Federation should wise up before making stupid comments

The Police Federation are apparently furious that teachers are to be offered a pay rise of 2.45%, with 2.3% in the two years after.

But hang on, didn't the police get 1.9% this year when teachers got just 1.8% (2.5% over 18 months). So let's get this right. The police got a bigger pay rise than teachers and they are complaining.

The Police Federation do their cause no good by spouting off like this.

An interesting aside to this is how the government are "spinning" the teachers pay deal as 2.45%, when in fact, if you take all three years in to account it is actual 2.35%. I know it is only 0.1%, but it seems the government cannot help themselves.


Jim Jay said...

Also the police are paid more... this doesn't seem like a move to make friends and influence people

Jonathan Wood said...

Never trust a copper. All out on the 23rd to the police counter demo organised by Class War.

Phil A said...

Wait 'till you see the pay rise MPs vote for themselves...