Oh Nintendo Wii - Is there anything you cannot do ?

In recent months it has been revealed through various tests that Nintendo Wii's are used in care homes as a good way of exercising for the elderly, they can be used to help you lose weight, they are used to help train the brain, and now it has been revealed that they aid surgeons as a tool for warming up before operations.

If there are not enough reasons there for you to go out and but one, there are two other reasons that I forgot to mention, firstly they are relatively cheap at £180, and secondly they are enormous fun.


Tony said...

Could not agree more - even if Madden 08 still frustrates me no end. I am great on offence, but on defence I just seem to fall apart.

Actually I think I am the American Football equivalent of Kevin Keegan, because my last game finished 59-56.

Can anyone recommend any other good Wii games?

Lee Griffin said...

Depends what you're looking for, but unfortunately most of the good stuff is only coming out now in America so should be with us in about...ooooh...ten years if we're lucky?

ThunderDragon said...

I want one - but they're still annoyingly scarce! Nintendo seem to be rubbish at the moment with actually making their consoles available!