A lesson in pots and kettles from the Muslim Council of Britain

The Bishop of Rochester has made some outspoken, but I am sure heartfelt, statements today about the attempt by certain islamic groups to radicalise and impose an 'Islamic' character on certain areas", for example, by amplifying the call to prayer from mosques.

You might imagine, given the elevated status he holds in the country that the Muslim Council of Britain might have taken on board his concerns and tried to address them. But no, instead they choose to attack him and make out that the Bishop is simply scaremongering. Perhaps the Bishop is not 100% correct. but should the MCB at least take on and listen to the concerns the Bishop is raising ?

Is this same Muslim Council of Britain who never seem to take any form of strong action against Islamic extremists selling books on terrorism outside Mosques ? The same Muslim Council who are virtually silent on apostatism (converting from Islam) and by their silence give tacit support to those radical Muslims who believe it is okay to make death threats against converts to other religions. Or is it the Muslim Council of Britain whose former leader made bigoted comments about gay people and who still support the banned organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir ?

The Muslim Council of Britain claim that the Bishop of Rochester's views are not based on any facts and are trying to claim he is stoking up racial hatred. This is odd given the council's own high profile comments about gay people, which in themselves seemed to be aimed at stirrin gup hated towards gay people.

I have no doubt that whateve the Bishop of Rochester said, the MCB would have denied it, opposed it, and cried "racism". Teh fact is though that the MCB claims as one of its main aims to want to foster closer relations with all the people and religions in the UK, yet when another religion raises any point that might in the slightest way be a criticism of something muslim, they instantly deny everything and go on the offensive. The MCB does the vast majority law abiding decent British Muslims no favours in the way it acts.

If the Muslim Council of Britain is truly committed to its aims, shouldn't it listen as well as preach ?


old and angry said...

Of course the MCB react in this way. To prevent any criticism of Islam is their aim.To FRIGHTEN people about even talking about is fits in nicely with their plan for the Islamization of Britain.
The politicians are in their pockets, all it takes now is time.........

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should take a cure from your leader Nick Clegg who sought to distance himself from the good Bishop whose remarks will readily be siezed by the far right. Whilst we're at it, can you name (with proof, not conjecture) exactly where in the United Kingdom such no-go areas exist?

Anonymous said...

MCB on apostasy:

jane said...

Hizb ut-Tahrir isn't banned in the UK, more's the pity. Local authorities such as Reading regularly provide it with free use of their facilities as a platform for the dissemination of misogynist and homophobic propaganda.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I don't have to name and quote areas and provide evidence as I did not make the quote. I simply reported that the quote had been made and wrote about the reaction to it.

Do you believe the Bishop simply made it up ? Do you believe there is no truth at all in what he said ?

Anonymous said...

Some no-go areas, John Reid was told not to come to a Muslim area. Oona King was attacked along with some other Jews in London, in a Muslim area.

roadrunner said...

The MCB will never accept their is a problem to them Islam is perfect.The problem lies with various verses in the Koran,type into a search engine "jihad verses"and make your own mind up.