It's political correctness gone mad !

Why does it always seem to be a third party that moans on behalf of a group that actually isn't bothered about the so called problem ?

The latest example is Becta, an educational IT body who are moaning about a new version of the story of the three little pigs because for computers could not be recommended for schools because "It might cause offence to Muslims".

The odd thing is that Muslim organisations don't seem to be bothered by this. Why does it always seem to be some white Christian "do gooder", stuck in an office in London who decides what does and does not offend people. Do they realise that their pathetic extreme version of political correctness does more harm than good and does nothing to help foster greater understanding of other people's faiths and beliefs and actually probably does community cohesion more hard than good ?
Becta has claimed that the decision was made by a panel of 70 teachers. I have to say that to pass this off as being the fault of teachers is a cop out as Becta knows full well that they would have given the teachers a set of criteria by which they should judge an ICT product, and there would have been some reference to religion and faith within this.

Either way, whoever made this daft decision is a muppet.

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